confidential Hangzhou School

Hangzhou School

Hangzhou, China
Woven Dynamism

The metaphor of weaving is a common motif for region, site strategy, and planning. Hangzhou, China is celebrated for its heritage in textile production. Interwoven bars symbolize this tradition and link to the past as the area becomes a new home for the tech industry.

For Hangzhou School, the woven geometry of the building begins to suggest a stitch that binds together the more wild and unpredictable quality of the river’s edge to the west, with the rational, geometric landscape of the drop off and entry to the east side of the site.

Each bar represents a step as students progress in their studies. The two most southern bars are the elementary school, the third is the middle school and the fourth is the high school. At the end of each classroom bar, where it merges into the next, there is an opportunity for mixing ages and academic subjects in a dynamic multifunctional space linked vertically with sculptural stairways. These transitional moments are the most celebrated interior spaces linking classrooms on upper levels to common functions on the ground level and in the basement.

Confidential school - rendering
Hangzhou School is a K-12, private bilingual school for 1800 children in Hangzhou China with innovative learning pedagogy.
Confidential school - axo
A Woven School
Inspired by school’s philosophy to create communities across age groups, we designed a new building typology of woven buildings that break away from the traditional south facing building bars common in China.  This configuration allows independent operations of each age group while allowing to all students to be connected in a seamless way reinforcing strong sense of community. 
Interlocking with Nature

The building design also effectively interlocks with the surrounding landscape, creating attractive outdoor learning area and gardens, both horizontally and vertically.  The number of classroom window with views to nature is also maximized.

Confidential school - rendering
A new kind of school that will nurture future innovative talents of China.
Confidential school - site plan
Confidential Hangzhou School - rendering
Confidential school - rendering

Project Team

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James Lu
Yan Krymsky