James Lu

Principal, Managing Director, Shanghai

Born and raised in Taiwan, James is a Canadian citizen who completed his education and began his career in North America, before moving back to Shanghai. This experience has afforded him the opportunity to be well-immersed in western and Chinese cultures, and to speak English and Chinese fluently.

Since his years as a student, James believes that design has the power to transform people’s lives and the planet. This belief is shown in his career and it is why he is passionate about his work.

Besides immersed in the creative process of projects, he enjoys mentoring staff, building high-caliber teams, and constantly improving platforms for creative ideas and people to thrive.

James is also a frequent speaker with a good sense of humor and a humble, down-to-earth attitude. He lives with his wife, two daughters, and two cats.

James at AIA banquet night
James Lu at work
Guiwan School is a new build K12 school in the heart of Shenzhen’s Qianhai District.
Qianhai Guiwan School
Shenzhen, China
Huzhou Central Hospital
Huzhou, China
Huzhou New Hospital is a 1,500-bed new build public hospital in the suburbs of Huzhou – a city located approximately 2hr drive from Shanghai.
“There is so much excitement in what we do as architects and designers. We feel thrilled and obliged to make the world a better place through knowledge, expertise, and passion.”
The Nepalgunj Orphanage is a pro-bono design project in Nepal providing a boy’s home, a girl’s home, an education center with dorm rooms, and a residence for the pastor’s family.
Nepalis regionalism
mission trip
Giving back

Giving back to society is important for James and his family. Recently, they spent one holiday in the slum of Nepal to help socially disadvantaged kids living there. They taught and spent time with the children in a slum school and initiated a scholarship fund to support a child to attend university. It’s just one of the many volunteering experiences James and his family have had. Being a giver allows him to see the world in different angles and to rethink how design can help build a better world for all people.

James's Featured Work

Hangzhou School
Hangzhou, China
Shanghai Natural History Museum
Shanghai, China