Looking northeast through the trees and across the lawn of Harrison Square
Looking northeast through the trees across the lawn of Harrison Square

Harrison Square

Atlanta, Georgia

In 2013 the Georgia Institute of Technology contracted us to design its Cherry Street Corridor Landscape Master Plan as a pivotal step in restoring the character of the university’s birthplace. Centrally located at the top of “Freshman Hill,” between the main library and the landmark Tech Tower, the corridor needed to express the university’s future-minded mission. The first step in restoring the corridor was revitalizing Harrison Square.

Our design is more than a respectful nod to Georgia Tech’s proud heritage. It integrates the variety of buildings, monuments, and gathering spaces into contemporary moments. Its gestures celebrate the promise of research and technology while speaking to the students of today.

Looking west across Harrison Square as a tour group stops to learn about Tech Tower
Georgia Tech students walking along the brick path through Harrison Square
The lawn serves as a regular stop on campus tours.

It can accommodate large events, while a series of “outdoor rooms” and seating areas offers respite for students, faculty, and staff. The design accomplishes all of this through an elegant, site-responsive solution that welcomes everyone to participate in the campus culture.

Harrison Square lit up at night
Our simple, elegant design for Harrison Square has reestablished Georgia Tech’s historic center as a place of distinction and reflection on campus.

Project Team

Zan Stewart
Micah Lipscombe
Micah Lipscomb