Huzhou Urban Planning Museum

Huzhou, China
Calligraphy and Silk

Huzhou Planning Museum is a 10,000m2 stand alone Museum created to showcase the future development plan of the region, whilst hinting at the region’s illustrious past.

Historically the area has a rich and highly respected cultural heritage, known as the birthplace of silk cultivation dating almost 5000 years. Combine with Huzhou’s place in Chinese Tea growing culture and the birthplace of the Chinese brush used by Chinese painters and calligraphers, the Museum stands as a pair of organic volumes wrapped in a series of flowing ribbons.

The site, located 5km north of downtown Huzhou, sits in the center of South Tai Lake Wetland Park, an area originally created to host the International Association of Athletics Federation Games in 2017.

Project Team

James Lu - headshot
James Lu
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