Michigan State University Crescent Road Redevelopment Master Plan

East Lansing, Michigan
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Michigan State University is re-imagining a 140-acre property with the goal of elevating its offerings as a premier public university while optimizing its existing land holdings. Formerly known as “Spartan Village,” the site is home to student housing that is no longer viable from a facility condition and financial perspective. As a result, the university initiated a visionary master plan to proactively position itself for the future.

The master plan transforms the former student housing district into a vibrant, walkable, urban destination. Its wide range of uses includes residential, office, retail, hospitality, athletic/recreation, and research. Slated to be built out over 30 years or more, the master plan encompasses approximately 3.4 million gross square feet of new buildings while maintaining 46% of the site’s open space.

When completed, the master plan envisions approximately 2,600 residents, upward of 4,750 employees, and between 500 and 5,000 daily visitors.

This master plan is driven by a set of core goals, including the creation of a vibrant and walkable urban destination, the establishment of a multigenerational neighborhood, the cultivation of a community dedicated to discovery, a focus on well-being, the aspiration to attract and retain top talent, the establishment of a connected district, and the development of an asset that adds value to the surrounding university.
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Repositioning university real estate into a vibrant, mixed use destination focused on wellness, sustainability, and innovation

Project Team

Andrew Broderick