London, United Kingdom

This new headquarters has brought the UK Netflix team together in one place for the first time. Inspired by Netflix’s culture of transparency, trust and storytelling, the project is progressive—embracing both in-person and digital collaboration. The art of filmmaking is reflected throughout the space, creating an engaging, ever-evolving environment.

The project also had a number of challenges around base build delivery, staircase insertion, and delivering a high quality technical space to view and listen to content.

A circular design approach

The project was developed with people and the planet at its heart, delivering a design that is inclusive and fit for a diverse workforce. Inclusion extended to the procurement process, offering an opportunity for predominantly under-represented businesses to play a key role in the project’s supply chain. A circular design approach led to innovation, discovery and sustainable solutions. The project was delivered with exemplar social value initiatives that have moved the dial for our industry and been adopted as a new standard for future schemes.

What makes it cool
We worked with the homeless charity Crisis to upscale previously owned furniture, which was used throughout the project.
The Neighbourhoods are located along full length of the building with built rooms shielding them from the open collaboration areas. A mixture of settings breaks down the scale of the space and create a more human experience.

Navigating through the building feels seamless and natural with all the floors connecting through a continuous thread. This allows the brand to be expressed throughout the space, creating an exciting journey for staff and visitors.

We worked closely with Netflix to develop a workplace strategy and planning approach that reflects how their teams work. Their workstyle and culture requires various types of meeting spaces in addition to traditional desk spaces. Because the strategy and design stages were carried out during the COVID-19 pandemic, we pivoted many design solutions to accommodate flexibility.

Project Team

Adam Strudwick