Rendering of prototype metro station showing elegant steel canopy structure.
Rendering of prototype metro station showing elegant steel canopy structure.

Riyadh Metro Prototype Stations

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Elevating the Transit Experience

As the local development authority began planning Riyadh’s first mass transit system they approached us with a challenge. How could design help convince a car-focused population, in a city that had no previous experience with public transit, to get out of their cars and onto the train?

Our solution was to design the highest quality transit experience—one that was both convenient and comfortable, but most importantly, one that stimulated, and elevated the relationship between passenger and system. Our designs for the prototype stations feature elegant, conditioned structures, along with the highest quality materials, furniture and components. Their dynamic, attractive form makes the stations immediately recognizable, and creates interest in the new system.

Sketch showing circulation of prototype underground station.
Preliminary concept sketch for prototype station.
Sketch showing urban design integration of transit line.
Scaling Up the Benefits of Transit

As the team began designing the station prototypes, our urban design experts worked with the Riyadh Development Authority to understand how the stations could be integrated to best address existing congestion issues and to accommodate future population growth. Using the new mass transit line along Olayya Street as a test case, a Comprehensive Development Plan was created for the corridor, incorporating pedestrian facilities and traffic management systems focused in and around the new stations.

Throughout the 10 year development of Riyadh’s plan, what began as a two-line LRT, grew to a six-line metro system with supporting facilities as well as a complimentary bus service.

Passenger Amenities
The expanded scope of the project included the design of complimentary park-and-ride facilities with added passenger amenities such as retail opportunities to activate the public realm.
All in the Family

In addition to deep underground interchange stations and park-and-ride facilities for the Riyadh BRT system, we designed terminal facilities and a family of bus stops to accommodate different configurations at over 5,000 locations across the city. From a single totem to larger unconditioned and conditioned shelters, the system is easily identifiable as part of the BRT system and designed to the same high standard as the Metro ensuring a seamless passenger experience across the new public transit network.

Terminus station prototype
Rendering of BRT station.
BRT station prototype

Project Team

Peter Busby
Jeff Doble
Marc Haberli
Yehia Madkour
Aaron Knorr