Yehia Madkour

Principal, Vancouver

Growing up in the dense, historical city of Cairo, Yehia was fascinated with the impact of architecture on people’s lives. He saw the power of design and formed a special interest in public projects that shape our cities and communities.

With a desire to help bring positive change, Yehia believes we must find new approaches as we move towards an increasingly complex and interconnected future. Motivated to advance the profession through research and technology, Yehia contributes to both our Building Technology and Mobility labs­­—advancing the use of sensors technology, progressing our robotic and digital capabilities in building with wood, and exploring how integrating transit with new modes of mobility can enhance the livability of our cities.

In addition to leading the design on many of our impactful projects, Yehia directs the studio’s innovation efforts, working with project teams to connect research and identify topics for investigation. He also provides strategy direction in research and technology across the firm.

Great Northern Way Pavilion and Nemesis Coffee
Inspired by overlapping flower petals, the sculptural pavilion acts as a landmark and retail venue in the heart of a new neighbourhood campus.
“I think of myself as an agent of change, looking to advance the world through design and innovation—and I’m intrigued by the possibilities of technology in shaping how we live today.”
Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM)
At 27 stations across 67 kilometers, Montreal's REM will be one of the largest automated transportation systems in the world. Each station shares a design identity focused on speed, lightness, and transparency.
With a life-long appreciation for music, Yehia recently began studying the guitar. He enjoys learning something new, expanding his creative interests.
Yehia regularly presents on the role of transportation in cities around the world.

Yehia's Featured Work

Réseau Express Métropolitain
Montréal, Québec
Rendering of Tremblay station plaza.
Ottawa Confederation Line
Ottawa, Ontario
Rendering of prototype metro station showing elegant steel canopy structure.
Riyadh Metro Prototype Stations
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Photo from Great Northern Way showing office building and pavilion.
Great Northern Way Office and Pavilion
Vancouver, British Columbia
A photo of the interior of Nemesis showing the full service counter.
Nemesis Coffee at Great Northern Way
Vancouver, British Columbia