Shanghai Oriental Blue Ocean Plaza

Shanghai, China
Aesthetically Unique and Functionally Efficient

Providing a unique contrast to the ubiquitous glass and metal towers peppering the Shanghai skyline, the Shanghai Oriental Blue Ocean Plaza was born from an initial discussion with our client who wished for the tower to be aesthetically unique and functionally efficient while becoming a landmark within the Yuangpu District.

The blazing red terracotta patterning on one tower creates a distinctive façade, and is a cultural ode to Chinese culture. The simple repetitive grid work of clay fins reinforces the solid aesthetic, while providing a sustainable and functional solution for the mixed-use buildings.

Located in a transitional neighborhood within the sprawling metropolis of Shanghai, the buildings and plaza create a new destination address for the district. The three-part program includes a twenty story corporate headquarters and two service office towers.

Integrated into the façade is a series of individually operable windows for natural ventilation.

The primary sustainability strategy on the office tower is to provide protection for the façade against the surrounding environment. This is achieved through the vertical and horizontal terracotta fins that wrap the building, reducing glare in all directions while providing shade from the sun.

What Makes it Cool
A harmonic blend of open space and architecture in a dense urban environment.
Blueocean Plaza - entry
Inside the tower at the lobby level, the stone façade provides environmental and acoustic relief from the surrounding neighborhood.
The high performance glass enclosure provides acoustic and climate protection from the surrounding urban landscape.
Night Exterior
“The architectural design of Blue Ocean Plaza illustrates a rational aesthetic by incorporating Chinese classical elements into a modern design language. It has become a landmark for the new center of Wujiaochang in Shanghai.”

Mr. Sun Hao, President of Shanghai Oriental Blue Ocean Property Co., Ltd.

Project Team

Bill Doerge (1950-2021)
Carl Knutson
Ralph Johnson