Carl Knutson

Principal, Design Director, Washington, D.C.

Raised in Central and North America, Carl was exposed to a number of different cities growing up:  From his earliest years in Mexico City–where he was born–to his grade school years outside of Detroit, Michigan, to his university studies in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Living in such diverse environments, Carl became fascinated with how people organize their communities and express their values through architecture.  His interest in different cultures and urban geographies continue to inspire his design even today.  Carl is always eager to  translate a client’s goals into a project that they find meaningful.

Carl began with the firm in our Chicago studio, where he spent many years before relocating to our nation’s capital, but has called Washington, DC home for the past five years. He, his wife, and their three daughters enjoy exploring new areas around the city in their free time.

Oriental Fisherman's Wharf
Shanghai, China
Case Western Reserve University, Tinkham Veale University Center
Cleveland, Ohio
Washington, DC Public Library: Southwest Library
Washington, DC
Sketch drawn for The University of Delaware - Student Center Feasibility Study
“Growing up in a very historic area gave me an interesting perspective on the world. It informed my approach to design. I try to capture history and expand on it.”

Carl went from building train sets to making furniture to working with a contractor during summer breaks building homes. He has also dabbled in sculpture, all of which informs the functionality and scale of his designs.

Carl's Featured Work

Southwest Library
Washington, DC
Shanghai Oriental Blue Ocean Plaza
Shanghai, China