SRAM Headquarters

Chicago, Illinois
Revolutionary Ride

For their new headquarters, global bicycle component innovator, SRAM, chose 1KFulton, a century-old cold storage building that was thawed and transformed into a state-of-the-art office building. The large floor plate created a challenge to meet their most vital project driver–a better connection of their talent to foster innovation.

We thoughtfully came to a layout that organized their staff around the perimeter of the deep floor plate, to provide no obstruction to light, views, and most importantly, each other. The hero of the space, the test track, weaves through the space, stitching it all together. Along the path are a variety of spaces including a machine shop and test lab, a variety of meeting spaces, and a social hub where they can come together to root on their SRAM sponsored Tour de France teams.

The outcome? Experiencing the space leaves you feeling completely enveloped into their culture. For the novice visitor, you are inspired to take up cycling. For the adept SRAM inventors, you are inspired by the talent around you and the pride you have in your new home to aspire to new distances.

What Makes It Cool
A complete integration of their bike culture–underlined by a test track stitching it all together.
The 1/8 mile test track winds through the office, stitching the large open floor neighborhoods together.

A flexible café and open-air terrace function as all-day working spaces, a place for coffee breaks and casual meetings, and for facilitating larger events and social gatherings such as viewing stages of the Tour de France.

The resulting design is punctuated by the SRAM red, a branding mark utilized in a controlled way to tell the story of the company’s product offerings, philanthropy, and biking culture.
We created several amenities to support the health and wellness of the staff, 90% of whom commute by bike.

A secure 150 bike storage space, including a bike wash station, is available at the ground level of the building. Bike storage is also available near each work station. Large locker rooms accommodate commuters and those who bike during breaks.

What it Is
Consolidated world headquarters, for revolutionary bike component innovator, designed to speak to their culture.
Custom wood sculpture wall and reception desk sourced from urban forest wood.

Project Team

Tim Wolfe
Fred Schmidt
Joseph T. Connell
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