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Swarovski New York Showroom and Office

New York, New York
New Facets

Since 1895, Swarovski has pioneered passion and creativity through its faceted collections. Our journey with this coveted brand began when we were challenged to create a space that doubles as a showroom and office. The unique function requires visitors and employees to constantly interact with the products while balancing storage, accessibility, and display needs.

Our team worked side-by-side with Swarovski to create hidden and protective storage for the thousands of loose crystals that needed to be within arms-length, but also beautifully concealed when not in use. We also created a visual backdrop showcasing the brand’s innovative journey that transforms the space. The design celebrates the Swarovski legacy by creating moments of discovery at every turn.

Experiential Design
Interior Design

Within the elevator lobby, a large uncut crystal is featured—a reminder of the first of many steps toward the coveted glass’ end product. From here, the refining stages are displayed throughout the interior architecture until arriving at the final polished showpieces.

Product Display Flexibility and Versatility

Along the length of the corridor, a floor to ceiling vitrine for displaying crystals, images, electronic displays, and objects can be changed out frequently to support client meetings, marketing events, and exhibits. Ease of use and flexibility was vital to the design of the showcase function of the space.

The showroom is designed sustainably and with the occupant's health in mind.
Natural Light and Sustainable Outcomes

All construction materials, furniture, and finishes were vetted to avoid toxic materials and to be recyclable wherever possible. Special attention was paid to air filtration and sound absorbing materials were used in the open ceilings and on walls.  In addition, a feng shui expert advised on stair placement, the entry sequence, and various other elements in the space.

What makes it cool

A deliberate progression of refinement is carried throughout the interior architecture to express the progression of raw crystals into polished showpieces.

Full-time employees have direct lines of sight to perimeter windows and natural daylight and the mother's room occupies a prime corner spot.

Project Team

John Sadlon
Joan Blumenfeld