TVMDL Exterior
TVMDL Exterior

Texas A&M University Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory

College Station, Texas
State-of-the-Art Lab for Animal Health

Originally built in 1969, Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory (TVMDL) was in dire need of updating to their facilities, which handle over 825,000 diagnostic tests per year. As one of the highest volume vet labs in the nation, that averages to more than 200,000 cases evaluated each and every year.

The prime national testing facilities pioneer the changing essentials for biosafety and biosecurity, which urged the need for a multi-faceted laboratory space for the agency to continue to operate effectively. Routine testing and monitoring here is the backbone of a state, national, and global surveillance system, serving as a defender and advocate for global welfare.

This new facility addresses any potential high-consequence disease threats or outbreaks, which could pose trade restrictions to halt exports of Texas agricultural products, and amount to billions of dollars in economic loss. TVMDL stands at the forefront of ensuring animal and human health as well as food safety and security.

“The agency actively provides training experiences for undergraduates, residents, newly minted DVMs, and postdoctoral students. Veterinarians and scientists from around the world come to TVMDL to train with and learn from the best of the best.”

Chancellor John Sharp

One of the 12 founding members of the National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN), a USDA nationwide partnership.
What it is
Cutting-edge flagship veterinary diagnostic laboratory that conducts state-of-the-art testing to support veterinarians and animal owners, and monitor the presence of animal pathogens in the food industry and communities.
With four different locations across Texas, TVMDL is a state agency that serves to monitor fair trade, exports, and the economic structure of agriculture in Texas.
These diagnostic labs are at the forefront of ensuring animal and human health hand in hand with food safety and security for a healthier, more sustainable global economy.
“A remarkable facility, by far the best vet diagnostic lab in the country. Others may try to build better, but it will be very difficult to do so.”

Chancellor John Sharp

Project Team

Alex Clinton
Ed Cordes
Jason Chan