Jason Chan

Principal, Science and Technology, Houston

Growing up in Singapore, one of the densest urban environments in the world, Jason was drawn to architecture—specifically, the towering new skyscrapers being built all around him. Through this exposure, Jason marveled at the value of space and was inspired by the concept of high-performance buildings.

Always up to a challenge, Jason explored several different building types in the early stages of his career, but ultimately honed in on the complexity of Science and Technology—a specialty where he has since developed a particular expertise in laboratory planning and design ranging from university-level teaching labs to engineering, biomedical, translational, and transgenic facilities.



Jason talking
“Approach every challenge with a can-do attitude, and with the notion that it can be done until proven otherwise.”
"I work with intensity and creativity. My productivity is often innovative- a blend of perspiration and imagination."
The Final Product

His favorite part of the design process? Walking through the buildings he’s designed after ribbon-cutting and hearing from the people who work there. Knowing his work has positively impacted the advancement of science and education is something that will always thrill him.

Fun Fact
So far, Jason and his family have visited 12 of the national state parks around the country.
Private Life Sciences

Skillful, deliberate delivery of high-quality design and innovation can help companies flourish in their research spaces and retain key talent. We know, because for over 80 years, we’ve been designing buildings in which the world’s most successful companies have called home. Beyond the bench, research and development make a huge impact. Today’s revolutionary ideas could lead to the blockbuster of tomorrow. That’s why we design flexible spaces that foster the idea of infinite possibility. Places that make it easier for people to use, share, and participate. Are you interested in leading the way towards the next big discovery? From start-ups and spin-offs to worldwide powerhouses, we know what it means to leave a legacy. Let us help you discover yours.


Our team is comprised of Science and Technology subject matter experts, lab planners, workplace strategists, corporate interiors specialists as well as our supporting team of design professionals. We exude a depth of experience informed by our body of work in the private life sciences sector including startups, incubator spaces, TI/fit-outs, and speculative lab buildings. We bring our passion, professionalism, and personality through one singular entity – Perkins&Will. We know how critical it is to help with key planning decisions and we truly view our clients as partners in their site selection, building, and developments. We have a strong local presence in Houston, allowing us to serve your project efficiently and seamlessly. At the same time, we leverage our national network of expertise to best serve each client. We also have a large portfolio of laboratory projects in the region spanning across cGMP, wet labs, vivarium, whether ground-up, renovation, or build-out.

Jason's Featured Work

Louisiana State University Patrick F. Taylor Hall
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Texas A&M University Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory
College Station, Texas
Wright State University Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration
Dayton, Ohio
Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute
Houston, Texas
Texas A&M University Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building
College Station, Texas
Global Health Research Complex
College Station, Texas
Texas A&M University Veterinary Education Research & Outreach Center
Canyon, Texas