University Crossing

University of Massachusetts Lowell University Crossing

Lowell, Massachusetts
A Unifying Campus Hub

University Crossing sits at a pivotal promontory in the city, at the spring point of a bridge linking the three disparate campuses divided by the Merrimack River. The rich textile history of Lowell is knit throughout the interior and exterior language which is based on transparency and layers that relate to the outcroppings of stones in the river. This vibrant center for student life is a unifying hub of activity and represents the diverse groups on campus from the Chancellor to the University Police.

The heart of the building is a daylit, four-story atrium that serves as an active theater for campus life and reaches outward to engage the city beyond. As a reflection of the intuition, the lantern dominates the atrium and is a reinterpretation of the textile looms and the campus heritage. University Crossing is now the core of the former commuter campus, elevating UMass Lowell’s position as a leader in education.

A vibrant campus hub and home to student life and the UMass Lowell community.
Town and Gown

The campus community desired a very porous and engaged ground level, which resonated with the goals of the University’s leadership. For that reason, we located retail and lounge space at the ground level to open up visibility to the entire building, and increase the framework for positive relations.

The atrium boasts views of the Merrimack River and provides visual access to the numerous program spaces within.
Nod to the City’s Heritage

The feature element is the lantern, a sculptural reinterpretation of the looms in the textile mills that once powered the city of Lowell. Wood slats organized in vertical linear modules make up the lantern, which starts just above head height and reaches to the sky. The wood lattice gives place to the varied social interactions of a community and forms a unifying scene when viewed from campus and beyond.

What makes it cool
All student clubs and organizations at UMass Lowell have a home in University Crossing.
Sustainability through technical Innovation

We achieved LEED Silver Certification through a number of strategies from the efficient building envelope, extensive daylight, and green roofs that stitch together indoor and outdoor space. With a north-facing design, we solved the challenge of directing natural daylight deep into the building’s four-story atrium through a custom complex stainless steel reflector. The dramatic play of reflected light and its dynamic qualities breathe life into the space.

Project Team

David Damon
Patrick Cunningham