Houston, Texas

With a 12-year renewal of their downtown Houston office lease, Winstead took on the opportunity to refresh their identity and consolidate from 4 floors to 2.5 with 75 attorney offices.

In early focus groups, attorneys and staff expressed their desire for an open and energetic office space that reflected the transparent culture of their Houston office. We created a modern and bright space that encourages interaction while promoting their internal culture of collegiality.

Creating Community

To celebrate the bright, new spirit of the space, the design team used textural details to highlight the space. On several walls, 3D geometric patterns were mounted to create directional elements.


A hand sketch of the break room.
The community wall unifies the office at the heart of the space.
The mix of cool and warm tones help reflect daylight while the use of glass allows for transparency and privacy.
Focal Points
Light installations double as art throughout the space.

Project Team

Julie Gauthier
Brigitte Preston
Anne Kniffen