XJTLU Taicang Campus Master Plan Competition

Taicang, China
A Dynamic Hive

Expecting to enroll 6,000 students by 2025, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Taicang campus, is an international university that will blur the edges of academic and professional environments.

Inspired by the culture of the university, the proposal creates an interconnected physical environment—a hive—which promotes cross-disciplinary collaboration through a complex mixing of academic, professional, and public functions. This is achieved through a modular system of massing blocks containing academic colleges, with teaching, working, and fabrication spaces, that integrate with the publicly accessible spaces of the entrepreneurial program into a single ensemble. The modular concept of the design provides dynamic spatial, organizational, and structural opportunities for collaboration and interaction.

What makes it cool
The project is organized around a series of public courtyards containing a networked “learning mall” that is the heart of the program and collaborative goals of the University.
Courtyards are planned with surrounding support spaces for offices, making space, quiet space, and fabrication space that act as extensions of the public realm into the academic and professional—creating a gradient between public and private.

Project Team

Yan Krymsky
James Lu - headshot
James Lu