Minneapolis, Minnesota
Collaborative and Flexible

Due to rapid growth, Minnesota-based startup and virtual-care software company Zipnosis needed a new workplace designed to accommodate the needs of a new company with room to grow exponentially over the next five years. They moved into T3, the largest modern mass timber commercial office building in the United States, to occupy twice the footprint of its previous space.

The building’s emphasis on sustainability, community, and wellness supports their mission and creates a foundation for their evolving work environment. We translated these values into our design by creating a workspace that enhances employee experience while supporting collaboration and choice with different worksettings. A centralized cafe is the heart of the office with a 17-foot harvest table that encourages “family meals,” and an adjacent boardroom, with operable walls, that transforms the cafe into a large meeting space.

Designed to maximize daylight and encourage movement throughout the space.
What Makes it Cool
Agile work environment that fosters culture of community and enhances well-being of employees and visitors.

As a technology driven healthcare company, it was important for Zipnosis to embody their values of health and wellness within their space. The design team organized all of the enclosed spaces, including a wellness room for respite and privacy, along the central core of the building to provide universal access to perimeter views and daylight. This clear circulation was also designed as a loop for walking or biking within their space to further encourage movement. Variety in types of meeting spaces and informal collaboration furniture promotes choice and control in work setting and posture.

Eating lunch all together, every day, was a stand-out value of Zipnosis’ culture that was critical to support and enable in their new space.

The locally sourced wood harvest table at the center of their café is feature element that emphasizes their commitment to their local community and to building community among employees. It welcomes guests from the front doors and leads them to a view of the building approach from the outside, giving their brand visibility to the broader city and community.

“Perkins&Will did an exceptional job working with us to create an office space that enables us to communicate, collaborate and innovate. Our employees thrive in the open office and feel proud to work here every day.”

Eric Bosler Chief Financial Officer, Zipnosis


In order to accommodate diverse work styles, various levels of client engagement, project confidentiality, and the growing number of employees, we designed with flexibility in mind. A central café divides two main work areas – one for quiet focus work, the other for lively collaboration among teams. Soft plug workstations allow for easy rearrangement of pods as teams morph. Operable partitions and privacy screens at the boardroom and café control views while also acting as interactive design features that open up for larger gatherings.

Project Team

Lisa Pool
Anne Smith