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Minneapolis, Minnesota
Inspired by the Bold North

With plans to double their headcount in the next 10 years, this global consulting firm needed a flexible office environment consistent with their global guidelines that also celebrated the unique culture and community of their Minneapolis location.

We used this framework to organize and curate their workspace in a stimulating and uniquely-Minnesotan way. Central to the entry and neighborhood team organization is a communal gathering space, with operable walls creating a flexible environment to act as hardworking meeting space from Monday through Thursday, while supporting all office social events each Friday. Workzones and gathering areas are separated by acoustically isolated spaces that meet the need to focus, connect or unwind.

Locally sourced wood, handcrafted artisan wall tiles, and regional artists were among the strategies to support the local economy.

Global Management Consulting Firm Entryway
What Makes it Cool
An office environment that celebrates the unique culture of its Minnesota location; the Bold North.
Our material framework was defined by three primary elements from Minnesota’s landscape: wood, moss, and water.

The warmth and natural variation of locally sourced wood defines circulation and gathering areas. Glass enclosed team spaces are clad in a pattern of moss insets to control views from adjacent corridors and the open office. This soft, tactile, and colorful material is reminiscent of the flora experienced while traipsing through the woods of northern Minnesota. Charcoal stained, highly polished concrete mimics the effect of a lake surface on a calm day, quietly reflecting surrounding elements and light from above.

Global Management Consulting Firm
Global Management Consulting Firm

This firm’s consultants are traveling throughout most of the week, and have chosen Minneapolis as their home base. It was important for the design of the space to provide them a respite to reconnect and conduct focus work upon their return. Open work zones located at the perimeter offer prime views to all employees. Moss and plants integrate the concept of biophilia while simultaneously improving indoor air quality. Collaboration areas and treadmill stations located throughout the office give employees the opportunity to change their postures and encourage movement throughout the day.

“Over the course of the design process, [the Perkins&Will team] listened to our input, were flexible with their approach and were friendly and fun to partner with. I feel we have achieved an innovative design that our office will enjoy for years to come.”

Minneapolis Business Services Manager, Global Management Consulting Firm

Global Management Consulting Firm
Communal Gathering Space
Operable walls create a flexible environment that acts as hardworking meeting space while also supporting all-office social events.
Workplace Strategy
Influenced by observations of their previous space, this client made the decision to move to a free address system.

This change allows employees the freedom to select the work setting that best supports their tasks for the day. A variety of space types ranging in size and furniture settings surround the open office, providing accessibility to all employees. Smaller neighborhoods provide the opportunity for those in the office to sit near to one another, and create a space that feels full and lively.

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Project Team

Lisa Pool
Jennifer Christiaansen
Anne Smith