Announcements, Perspectives 11.19.2020

1 De Haro: A Case for Mass Timber

1 De Haro, a mixed-use commercial project in San Francisco’s Design District, will be the first structure of its kind in both San Francisco and the state of California.

Upon completion in early 2021, 1 De Haro will be the City’s first cross-laminated timber (CLT) structure as well as California’s first multi-story mass timber building. Mass timber, and CLT in particular, is fast gaining momentum in the A/E/C industry for its list of benefits including: lower embodied carbon energy compared to steel and concrete, a sustainable resource through responsible forestry management, lighter materials, end-user satisfaction as it relates to biophilia, and speed of construction.

In this short film, the project team discusses the sustainability and constructability aspects behind mass timber and what it means for the City and the building industry with the adoption of the 2021 California Building Code. Join the 1 De Haro team for a look into one of the most exciting projects on the West Coast.