Announcements April 26, 2022

Boston Studio of Perkins&Will Expands Its Leadership Group

Promotions reinforce the studio’s commitment to varied perspectives.
From Left: Jeffrey Keilman, Matthew Pierce, James Levin, Steven Webster, and Jennifer McGrory

Boston— The Boston studio of Perkins&Will has strategically expanded its leadership team through five promotions. Matthew Pierce has been promoted to principal; and Jeffrey Keilman, Jennifer McGrory, James Levin, and Steve Webster to associate principal.

The studio, now under the leadership of Yanel de Angel, FAIA, principal and managing director, values the diverse perspectives these individuals bring to the table. “As we physically come back together after two years of virtual work, the energy we feel celebrating our colleagues and their achievements is palpable. We continue to shape the future of our studio with unmatched talent and expertise.”

Matthew Pierce, Principal

Matthew Pierce is an award-winning designer who leads a diverse portfolio of projects across the U.S. He approaches each unique client and project as an opportunity for exploration and discovery and challenges teams to be both inquisitive and rigorous. This approach has led to award-winning work including The Exchange at 100 Federal Street, the Living + Learning Commons at Keene State College, and the Academic Village at the University of California Hastings. Pierce believes that by engaging diverse perspectives we will have a more comprehensive understanding of our clients and the communities we work within, leading to new discoveries as a design studio. He is passionate about advancing the profession through mentoring and educational programs that shape and support the next generation of designers.

“I’m energized by the challenges that our clients bring to us,” says Pierce. “Each project is an adventure with the potential for discovery.”

Jeffrey Keilman, Jennifer McGrory, James Levin, and Steve Webster, Associate Principals

Having joined the studio in 2006, Jeffrey Keilman holds a pivotal role in the healthcare group that fuels his life-long passions: health, wellness, and design. Inspired by a level of care that considers a holistic wellness approach, Keilman is focused on supporting clients to reach their goals. By advancing a mentor-based culture in the studio, he recognizes that individuals excel and deliver great architecture when they are part of a thoughtful team structure.

Jennifer McGrory focuses her attention on people. While aesthetic value is important to her, she believes that it’s equally essential to have spaces promote wellness, diversity, and equity. Through her work with clients that care for a culture of well-being and healthy workplaces, McGrory promises to continue to deliver excellent client service and socially conscious design.

As a Board-certified veterinarian, former Senior VP of a pharmaceutical company, and a veteran lab manager, James Levin, DMV, DACLAM, possesses a unique skill set. Levin’s global role as the Director of Process Architecture, cGMP, is a complement to his years of experience working in and operating laboratories and manufacturing medical therapies. It is through his hands-on approach that Levin helps clients determine their needs to enable future medical discoveries.

As a leader in the science practice, Steven Webster possesses a purpose-driven work philosophy coupled with an innate desire to understand the functionality and intricacies of design. Webster’s ability and passion to craft new approaches, tools, and solutions help clients determine their growth trajectory in advancing scientific research.

Promotions to Senior Associate and Associate

The studio also elevated the following team members: Michael Boone, Matt Bleidorn, Ryan Kurlbaum, Kara Mazzotta, and Dan Stubbs, Senior Associates; Katherine Chin, Erika Eitland, Thomas Melville, and Ananta Sodhi, Associates.

Yanel de Angel, Managing Director, Principal
“As we physically come back together after two-years of virtual work, the energy we feel celebrating our colleagues and their achievements is palpable. We continue to shape the future of our studio with unmatched talent and expertise.”
Members of the Boston Studio participated in a hybrid celebration for all leadership and functional title promotions.