Matthew Pierce

Principal, Boston

Matt approaches his practice with a spirit of adventure that parallels his love of travel and the outdoors. Viewing each project as a unique opportunity for exploration and discovery, his novel approach responds to the specific qualities of a place and his clients’ individual aspirations. He sees the design process as analogous to hiking in the mountains, propelled by his desire to find what lies around the next bend or the perspective offered from a distant peak. By undertaking new endeavors with this spirit of curiosity and discovery, Matt unlocks the potential to discover unforeseen possibilities.

Matt begins each project by constructing its individual narrative, developing a framework of experiences and ambitions for the client and the community that will guide the design team. He views architecture as a civic responsibility, and each project as an engaging and meaningful intervention that can transform a place and the experience of people.

“Several years ago, I took my family to the opening night of a theater that I helped design. I remember seeing my friends and the whole community there—it was incredibly rewarding to create a place that so many would enjoy, that would bring people together.”
Conceptual sketches for the UC Hastings College of the Law Academic Housing
Matt explores ways in which program adjacencies can activate streets, promote social mixing and sharing of ideas, and create a bold expression in an urban environment.
Design Philosophy
“There are all of these amazing natural places in the world that were formed over millennia—by weather, glaciers, and climate. Architecture excites me because we have the potential to create places and experiences that are equally inspiring, purposeful, and meaningful.”
Chamonix, France

Matthew's Featured Work

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SoMa Site 3 Lab Building
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Boston, Massachusetts