Announcements July 31, 2023

First Branch of Transformational Metro Network REM Opens in Montreal

Designed by the Lemay, Bisson Fortin, Perkins&Will Consortium, the South Shore Branch of the Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM) showcases the system-wide identity and people-centred approach

Delivered by CDPQ Infra, the first branch of Montreal’s extensive new light metro network, Réseau express métropolitain (REM), opens its gates to the public. Connecting Brossard to Downtown Montreal, the branch includes the first five stations of 26 that will form one of the longest automated metro lines in the world.

The award-winning firms Lemay, Bisson Fortin, and Perkins&Will (as part of the NouvLR General Partnership) approached each station as a cultural amenity, raising the bar for public transport from utilitarian to user-centred. Accessible, bright, open, and environmentally sensitive, the station designs feature coherent modular elements that are uniquely configured to the local context. Wood adds warmth to the metro network’s experience and expression. Stations are integrated with public plazas, lush landscapes, and multi-use paths that will create new active transport corridors as part of a green urban continuum.

“REM is Montreal’s largest integrated urban design project, building on a tradition of delivering mobility infrastructure that contributes to the city’s culture and identity,” says Jeff Doble, principal at Perkins&Will. “Beginning with the South Shore branch, the network seeks to reconnect the city’s growing communities to its dense metropolitan core, improving people’s access to—and experience of—Greater Montreal.”

More details about this project can be found here.