Paul Kulig

Principal, Urban Design, Toronto

Born into an immigrant family of makers, bakers, tailors and artisans, Paul was raised in a community that practiced city building as a collective craft. His family built houses together, fixed cars together and hosted refugee families together.

Paul has built on this understanding of community to address broad social issues through urban design and architecture. His practice includes an intentionally diverse portfolio of designs for streetscapes and public spaces, transit stations, neighbourhood master plans, affordable housing and campuses. Each project aims to deliver well-being and delight, while contributing to a larger, regional economy.

Paul enjoys participating in robust discussions and the public discourse about how to shape equitable and resilient cities, and is a frequent public speaker at community and industry events.

Read Paul’s take on how the new Toronto-York Subway Extension will shape suburban place-making.

Paul's Featured Work

Yonge-Eglinton Built Form Study
Toronto, Ontario
Réseau Express Métropolitain
Montréal, Québec
The Meadoway
Scarborough, Ontario