Announcements December 13, 2019

Gabrielle Bullock Wins 2020 Whitney M. Young Jr. Award for Commitment to Diversity

Gabrielle Bullock

Named for civil rights leader Whitney M. Young Jr., this award distinguishes an architect or architectural organization that embodies social responsibility and actively addresses issues in equity, diversity, and inclusion. Gabrielle Bullock, Principal and Directory of Global Diversity, has been a champion for diversity and inclusion throughout her architectural career.

Gabrielle was inspired to become an architect to positively affect the lives of African-Americans and other people of color. She was the first African-American and first woman to become a Managing Director at our firm, and as our Director of Global Diversity, she has worked to broaden our culture of inclusion and champion diversity across the design industry.

American Institute of Architects’ announcement of the award included commendable recommendations from across the industry.

“Having her advocating for architects of color, of which I am one, and others marginalized within the profession has been and will continue to be extremely valuable,” Carlton T. Smith, FAIA, wrote in support of Bullock’s nomination. “Using the international platforms made available to her through her innate desire to serve has increased awareness not only within the profession, but also to a much larger audience. Her message will continue to resonate for years to come.”

“Clearly, as attested by her wide-ranging and multiple accomplishments and honors to date, Gabrielle is indeed the embodiment of ‘role model,’” Cheryl S. Durst, executive vice president and CEO of IIDA, wrote in a letter supporting Bullock’s nomination. “Yet I feel her greatest strength is that of being distinctly human and humane. This woman of substance has approached every challenge—personal, professional (and everything in between)—with clear-headed, honest, pragmatic realism. She is not interested in sugar-coating an issue or soundbite-ing a solution.”

“As former staff of AIA National and responsible for equity, diversity, and inclusion, I have relied upon Gabrielle Bullock to provide support, advocacy, and speak for the advancement of a more diverse profession,” wrote Damon Leverett, AIA, in a letter supporting Bullock’s nomination for the Whitney M. Young Jr. Award. “While being highly engaged in the culture of the profession, she maintains a progressive career as an architect and designer, leading socially responsible projects across the country and globally.”

Congratulations, Gabrielle!

In an exclusive new video produced by The American Institute of Architects, Gabrielle Bullock shares what the Whitney M. Young Jr. award means to her, why she’s proud of not being silent, and how the socially responsible projects she’s leading across the country are rooted in community, fairness, and equity.