In The Media February 28, 2020

Lisle Elementary School and Waterfront Botanical Gardens Featured in ArchDaily

Exterior of Lisle Elementary School

Lisle Elementary School and Waterfront Botanical Gardens both appeared in ArchDaily in February. Each of these projects has unique features that set it apart from other education and urban design projects.

Lisle Elementary School is a brand new school in the suburbs of Chicago, and it’s designed to standards that would classify it as an arboretum. There are 26 species of trees and 6 species of shrubs on site, as well as an outdoor, planted terrace on the second story.
The Waterfront Botanical Gardens, a collaboration between the Atlanta and Chicago studios, is Louisville, Kentucky’s first botanical garden. The new public amenity, which offers generous outdoor spaces and an event and education center, was built on a former landfill.
Exterior of the Graeser Family Education Center at the Waterfront Botanical Gardens