Todd Snapp

Principal, Chicago

Todd’s family has been in the construction business for generations, and he grew up immersed in a world of making and building.  At just fourteen, he entered the construction industry and practiced commercial construction, woodworking and cabinetmaking before enrolling in the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago to pursue his architectural degree.  His love for the craft of building is at the heart of his successful approach to design, and evident in the projects he has led, from educational facilities to high-rise towers.

Todd remembers the first house he completed as a carpenter’s apprentice. During the owner’s opening reception, he was impressed by the tight-knit team that made it happen. They started with a blank slate, and through problem solving and creativity reached a result that the client celebrated. Today, Todd’s most satisfying moment is seeing his clients enjoying and appreciating the product of the team’s hard work.

River Beech Tower is a research concept that aims to show how mass timber is a safe and sustainable building material.
River Beech Tower would feature a unique structural diagrid and modular design with external cores, safely distributing weight throughout the lightweight structure.
"Work hard and trust your intuition and experience: good things will happen."
Todd’s approach relies on an iterative pattern of creative problem solving that satisfies the client’s personal goals, while respecting the broader fabric of the project’s social and urban context.
Fun Fact
Todd plays guitar, bass and banjo.
The Shanghai Natural History Museum spirals upwards out of the ground, while remaining interwoven with the surrounding park.
Todd is still a builder at heart and always has side projects in the works. Assisting in house renovations or new builds for friends and family, designing and fabricating furniture and currently trying his hand at building custom instruments.

Todd's Featured Work

River Beech Tower
Chicago, Illinois
Ryan Middle School
Fairbanks, Alaska
Local Art
Dena’ina Elementary School
Wasilla, Alaska
Shanghai Natural History Museum
Shanghai, China
United States Coast Guard Headquarters
Washington, D.C.
311 West Monroe
Chicago, Illinois
Lisle Elementary School
Lisle, Illinois