Announcements October 20, 2020

Perkins&Will Mexico: Meet Our Leaders

Our firm has a long history in Latin America. We our proud to have a group of passion-seekers eager to see the Mexico market grow and expand. Keep reading to learn more about our inspiring and dedicated leaders below!

Antonio Perez Vazquez
Practice Leader Mexico

Born and raised in Mexico. Antonio has a special bond for our newest studio in Monterrey, having strategic growth plans to collaborate with important clients and meaningful projects on this important part of the globe. He has been appointed to support and lead the operations and extend our services and devotion into Mexico and Latin America. Antonio has been involved on a range of different tasks and layers in the architectural industry. He first joined Perkins&Will in Dallas, and shortly after became a reference for new business development and engaging clients. He is a leader in embracing our global culture; connecting the right team with the right client, for the right goals. In Texas, he was involved with our Diversity and Inclusion efforts, becoming a Champion for our Studio and a Vice Chair for AIA’s Latinos in Architecture chapter. He enjoys giving back to the community and has been a mentor to the younger generation of architects. Antonio is always pulling himself out of the comfort zone. He is passionate about exploring the world through food, languages, travelling and meeting new people. Antonio is bringing a more profound commitment of creating a positive impact through design for a healthier and more sustainable community.

Monterrey, the capital city of the state of Nuevo Leon, is the key player in its state's ranking as the third largest economy in Mexico.

Yanel de Angel
Principal, Higher Education

Every day Yanel is excited to have the amazing opportunity to work with the Latin American community. A native of Puerto Rico, she has developed her career working globally as a designer of residential, student and learning environment projects. She currently co-leads the practice of student residential life for Perkins&Will and is part of the Diversity and Executive Councils of the firm. Her passion for creating a more resilient and sustainable world led her to co-found resilientSEE, a global alliance for resilient planning and design serving communities. She believes in her past life she might have been a social worker because of her passion for helping people. Along with the Dallas and Monterrey studios, Yanel has been leading the new residences for the Tecnológico de Monterrey including campuses all over the nation. She is excited to work with Mexico because it makes her feel at home: “The human quality and hospitality are incredible, it is a beautiful country with an amazing, culturally diverse history.” In this new stage of the Monterrey studio, Yanel will be supporting projects particularly in the Education area and is a proud mentor of the talent that’s emerging at the Monterrey studio.

Jose Gelabert-Navia
Principal, Regional Director Latin America

Seven years ago, the company asked Jose to see how Perkins&Will could have a presence in Latin America. Curiously, it was in Mexico where the Firm completed their first project in the region: The Agricultural University in Chapingo in 1962. Since then the activity had been occasional and opportunistic with no outlook beyond the project at hand. For Jose, Latin America was not an unknown continent… He was born in Cuba and raised in Puerto Rico. After studying at Cornell University, he lived and practiced in Venezuela for almost four years. Perkins&Will decided to open an office in Sao Paulo, Brazil given the country’s immense market, as well as developing strategic relationships in many other countries. In this way, we have been able to design and build projects in El Salvador, Colombia, Peru and Chile. The decision to open a new Studio in Monterrey came with the conviction that Mexico has a great future with a great team of Mexican professionals backed by Perkins&Will. That together, are the ingredients to make a mark in this great country.

Fun Fact

Covering The Agricultural University in Chapingo’s campus are murals by artist, Diego Rivera. They capture imagery from cycles of nature to the historic struggles of the working class of Mexico.

Pat Bosch
Principal, Design Director

A founding partner and Design Director of the Miami office of Perkins&Will since 1996. Pat Bosch is internationally recognized for her design acumen and collaborative work style. As the first Latin Design Director for an office at Perkins&Will, her fluency in four languages and ability to empathize with codes, customs, and beliefs sets around the globe – from the Americas and Europe to the Middle East and Africa – have allowed her to thrive in a variety of environments with a diversity of clientele. Her distinctive style and design approach were shaped in many ways by her deep Latin American heritage and her global professional training and education. Having married into the extraordinary richness of the Mexican culture, Pat has an intimate knowledge of the country, its traditions, its history and its people. For over 15 years Pat has brought innovation and thought leadership to an array of clients in Mexico, from Corporate to Healthcare, to Education, from projects in Mexico City, Monterrey, Chihuahua and other cities. Her work has been honored with several national and international design awards, and has been featured in architectural magazines and industry journals around the world. Pat has helped inform and evolve the overall Perkins&Will culture, as a global design firm deeply committed to the ability to transform people’s lives through design and provide unique solutions to our clients.

Mexico is ranked the 13th largest country in the world.