Jose Gelabert-Navia

Principal, Miami

As the child of two architects, Jose was immersed in the world of architecture practically from birth.  His earliest memories of life in Cuba and later of Puerto Rico, consist of driving around from building to building to visit their growing practice.

Exile from Cuba shaped the path of Jose’s career. He developed a global curiosity, moving from country to country, learning from each new location. This experience afforded him a level of comfort when he made Miami his home–he found he could easily relate to all of the diverse cultures that make Miami so unique.

Jose has dedicated his career to projects with a positive social impact. When analyzing new opportunities, he asks how they can improve the quality of life for their future inhabitants. He measures a project’s success by the relationship the user has with the facility. Just recently, Jose received photos of doctors, nurses, students, and patients enjoying the new Greater Accra Regional Hospital facility, a project he managed, and it is for this reason that he continues to stay driven to find meaningful work for the firm.

Jose previously held the position of Dean at the University of Miami’s School of Architecture where he started the school’s architecture program in Italy. He credits the trips to Italy and other parts of Europe as being transformative to his career.

“I see the work we do as part of a historical continuum.”
Fun fact
This year he is releasing a new book filled with his original pen and ink drawings of Cuba.

Jose's Featured Work

Baptist Miami Beach | 709 Alton Road
Miami Beach, Florida
The Greater Accra Regional Hospital at Ridge
Accra, Ghana
L’Oréal Research & Innovation Center
Rio de Janiero, Brazil