Announcements October 20, 2020

Perkins&Will Mexico: Meet Our Team

As our Monterrey office continues to grow, we want to introduce the creative minds behind our studio. Continue reading to meet a few of the people who will be working on your projects!

Yure Suarez
Sustainable Building Advisor

During her career, Yure has sought to integrate innovation and forward-thinking strategy with exceptional design quality. She is experienced in the inclusion of sustainable design strategies in projects ranging from resiliency, material health, equity, and sustainable and regenerative design.

Yure believes that a successful project is rooted in a process of collaboration and collective listening. Her passion lies with building upon the inspiration at the core of client’s needs and project goals to imagine creative yet high performing building solutions.

Yure was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, but she brings a global perspective to her work. She holds a Bachelors degree from Universidad Simon Bolivar in Venezuela, a certification from Politecnico di Milano, and a Masters degree from University of Texas at Austin.  In addition, she has made numerous contributions to the industry as a leader in the Committee of the Environment for the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

We pride ourselves on having an office culture unique to Mexico and its people, while gathering industry experts from all over the globe.

Andres Serpa
Senior Associate, Senior Project Designer

Andres recognizes that architecture has no borders but serves everyone differently. His international work throughout Latin America allows him to approach projects with a wider view. His work is rooted in a continual dialogue with people and places. He has a great trajectory that has lead him to Monterrey, Mexico for several years. Born in Colombia, he has always had a special connection with Latin America. He has worked on projects all over the globe and is responsible for several of Monterrey´s iconic buildings. His portfolio includes projects such as Equus 333, Ikon tower and Balzac towers all part of Monterrey’s skyline. In 2016 he had the opportunity of giving a lecture in Monterrey for EXATEC speaking about architecture called “From the Individual to the Collective.”

Andres is fascinated by research, he believes that standardization is the main antagonist for innovation and that as long as you propose responsibly and keep certain expectations intact, design evolution is always welcome. He has an appreciation of music that almost rivals Andres’ devotion to design. He finds similarities in designing and composing, not least of which is the anticipation suggested in a blank sheet of paper.

Paola Mendoza
Medical Planning

Paola was born in El Paso, Texas and grew up in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. Her binational roots always inspire her to bring the best of both perspectives into every project she is on. She currently focuses on healthcare medical planning, where she is actively involved in strategic visioning, master planning, and programming to allow clients to objectively and accurately assess their current and future needs.

Each day, Paola is driven to ensure that best practices are embodied in design, that the perspective of patients and staff is honored, and that regulations are met or exceeded. Paola is determined to expand her expertise into the Mexico market, and create a positive impact in the healthcare industry. Paola has volunteered with the Mexican Society of Healthcare Architects (SMAES) to put together a workshop for architecture students, to bring awareness to resilience, design, and planning in healthcare, in hopes to inspire future generations of architects. The opening of the Monterrey studio marks a great opportunity to introduce Perkins&Will’s expertise in Mexico to continue to promote the development of the health industry. Paola will be supporting the healthcare initiatives and advance the planning and healthcare design knowledge in the studio.