Carolyn BaRoss

Principal, Health, New York

Carolyn has always had a connection with nature, appreciating its restorative powers as a counterpoint to her urban life.  The sensory nuances of the world – light filtering through lush greenery, the heavy silence of a pine forest – spark joy within her and inspire her design.  Drawing upon her background in the fine arts, Carolyn creates spaces with balance and meaning.

She has dedicated her career to designing innovative, healing spaces that elevate the human experience.  Her ability to bridge strategic and conceptual ideas with the details allows her to create design opportunities from the seemingly disparate, competing aspects of a project. Carolyn is unafraid to push boundaries, explore unconventional ideas, and challenge the status quo in pursuit of design that is beautiful in both function and form.

A steadfast advocate for a holistic and collaborative approach, she strives to uncover the ideas that creatively solve complex challenges by carefully listening to client needs.  As a result, she has worked with some of the leading healthcare institutions in the world.

“I love designing for health, for the complexities driven by pragmatic and programmatic requirements; but the art is in making the spaces humane.”
Designing with nature and light enhances the quality of a space and elevates the experience of those who move through it.
Carolyn planned to be a painter – but after exploring a college class in interior design, she was hooked. Now, she brings her artistic talent to her photography and cooking.
Her two dogs, Smokey and Paco, love exploring nature with Carolyn.
Carolyn and teammate Aiko Tanabe accepting a project award in Chicago.

Carolyn's Featured Work

Memorial Sloan Kettering Monmouth Ambulatory Care Center
Middletown, New Jersey
Hartford Hospital Bone & Joint Institute
Hartford, Connecticut
The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Sheikh Zayed Tower and The Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children’s Center
Baltimore, Maryland
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
Charlestown, Massachusetts
Lobby of MUSC
Medical University of South Carolina Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital and Pearl Tourville Women’s Pavilion
Charleston, South Carolina
The Hub for Clinical Collaboration
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania