The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Sheikh Zayed Tower and The Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children’s Center

Baltimore, Maryland
Creating a Place of Comfort

In designing the Sheikh Zayed Tower and The Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children’s Center at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, we employed a patient-centered model including intuitive wayfinding with a clear separation of public, patient, and service circulation. The design provides large work areas for convenient, close collaboration among all caregivers. Work areas are enclosed to minimize patient room noise yet provide patient visibility through glass walls.

Involving more than one hundred members of our team in the process, we created a 12-story building that includes adult and children’s beds, operating rooms, laboratories, endoscopy/bronchoscopy rooms, radiology services, pediatric emergency department, two floors of faculty offices, auditorium and pharmacy.

School of Puffer Fish, Painted Fiberglass, Robert Israel, 2012 – Curator: Nancy Rosen, Nancy Rosen Incorporated.
"The goal is to create a humane and dignified experience for those under stress. The art created for the building and the building's design are central to elevating the experience of coming to the hospital. Visitors and patients may not be able to quantify this directly but they will feel the building's uniqueness and comfort."

Michael Iati, Senior Director of Architecture and Planning, The Johns Hopkins Health System

Intended as a 100-year building, the design offers great future flexibility through use of modular components, which enable rooms and labs to be used for multiple programs and patient types in the future.
“These buildings are a deliberate and expressive statement of what Johns Hopkins stands for.”

Ronald Peterson, President, The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System

Design for curtainwall and frit pattern on glass created by artist Spencer Finch.

Project Team

Eric Aukee
Jean Mah
Ralph Johnson
Jerry Johnson
Carolyn BaRoss
Lynnette Tedder
Tatiana Escobar
Laura Morris
Todd Accardi