David Dove

Principal, Cultural and Civic, Vancouver

Art, fashion, music—David finds inspiration in all things creative, but it was architecture that sparked his curiosity as an inquisitive seven-year-old during frequent surreptitious weekend visits to a nearby construction site with his twin brother. With each visit, David wanted to explore further, and to understand more about how the buildings were designed.

That passion for architecture has never faded, and now, as lead for our Vancouver studio’s Corporate, Commercial, and Civic practices, David’s observant and inquiring character continues to be reflected across the studio in projects that have been investigated from every angle. He sees architecture as a highly collaborative endeavour, believing that architects are primarily orchestrators, working to unite the many voices and ambitions represented in every project. For each of his projects, David’s aspiration is for it to challenge the expected, and for it to contain moments of delight for those who engage it.

David has always called Vancouver home, and gives back to the community through participation in a number of boards, including The Vancouver Heritage Foundation.

"Architecture isn’t for the architect. It’s for the people who will use the building — and it is the job of the architect to work in the interest of that community."
Community and Connectivity
When designing for the people that will inhabit a project, David approaches community building through the creation of legible public space and a true mix of uses.
Bagan, Myanmar
Fun Fact: While David has traveled to some two dozen countries, he has never lived more than 45 kilometers from the hospital in which he was born.

David's Featured Work

Marine Gateway Overview
Marine Gateway
Vancouver, British Columbia
Bench's hard working social space provides for gathering space for social functions, work space during the day and can be configured for all office meetings.
Bench Accounting Office Interiors
Vancouver, British Columbia
University of British Columbia Orchard Commons
Vancouver, British Columbia