Heidi Costello

Higher Education, Minneapolis

Born in a small town in Iowa surrounded by a family of nurses, Heidi learned the compassion and empathy of a genuine healthcare provider firsthand. She spent many hours listening to untold stories from the operating room, but it wasn’t until Heidi personally witnessed an intensive care unit with family members where she realized the power of her future and the impact space has on healing environments.

Heidi’s experiences inform her projects passion for putting people first. Her human-centric design approach infuses genuine connections with clients insuring their vision comes alive while not losing sight to the importance of embedding positive environments and human well-being into each project.

She finds joy in approaching life with curiosity and a full heart. She believes in “pushing oneself outside of your comfort zone” which you see her do when she is onstage presenting to an audience or swimming next to sharks while Scuba Diving the world.

Heidi's Featured Work

University of North Dakota SMHS
University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Grand Forks, North Dakota
Bell Museum mammoth
University of Minnesota Bell Museum
St. Paul, Minnesota
Land O'Lakes Headquarters Entrance
Land O’Lakes Headquarters Expansion
Arden Hills, Minnesota