Land O’Lakes Headquarters Expansion

Arden Hills, Minnesota
Working Together for the Common Good

Land O’Lakes had a problem: after years of leasing office space in remote locations, the growing co-op wanted to consolidate its far-flung employees back onto their main campus. A holistic approach incorporating real estate analysis, integrated site strategy, and innovative solutions to workplace needs, produced a solution that brought all employees back together.

A nearly 100-year-old cooperative that is transforming the future, the Land O’Lakes work philosophy enables agility and innovative approaches to workplace design. The new building re-imagines the idea of the campus, shifting from the outwardly-focused organization of the original headquarters to a centralized campus built around an open courtyard, redirecting the focus to community and collaboration. Bathed in daylight, a variety of spaces supporting individual, team, and collaborative work emphasizes the co-op’s mission, working together for the common good.

The project has obtained LEED Platinum status
Employing rainwater harvesting for landscape irrigation, photovoltaic panels to offset energy demands, higher indoor air quality with fresh air for employees, and extensive daylighting to interior spaces – paired with controls that automatically reduce power usage on sunny days.
Land O’Lakes farmer members depend on the land. They have an intimate connection with the environment and the co-op wanted this reflected in the choices made when designing their headquarters.
Fun Fact
The Headquarters is the 6th LEED Platinum corporate office project in the state of Minnesota
Pollinator Path

Cutting across the organized open workplace zones is a bright, fluid space called the ‘pollinator path’ which winds throughout the building, shaping a variety of unique moments and collaboration spaces that connect previously siloed departments and processes and encourages employees to interact more accidentally or incidentally. Inspired by the client’s deep connection to agriculture, this path fosters ecosystems of interdepartmental cooperation, movement, transparency, and views to nature.

Innovative Workplace

Guided by a workplace strategy that grew out of extensive site observation and data collection, a new model of open office workplace was developed, allowing Land O’Lakes to accommodate growth in less space through a flexible and agile workplace environment designed to accommodate both traditional and free-address arrangements.

Workplace Strategy
During the design phase for the project, we worked with Land O’Lakes to test the workplace strategy with a 200-person pilot project in the existing building and support the transition to this transformative workplace with change management strategy and support services.
Managing Change
The design team facilitated an open house where employees were given a ‘passport’ to different stations throughout the space where they learned about the different work settings, new etiquette, and could ask the design team questions.
“This feels like us.”

Peter Janzen, SVP, General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer, Land O’Lakes

Fun Fact
Harvest meeting tables were created from the trees that were removed from the site as part of the parking lot expansion.
“[The new building] is absolutely perfect. It positions us to be competitive in this market.”

Christopher J. Policinski, CEO, Land O’Lakes

Project Team

Tony Layne
Lisa Pool
David Dimond
John Slack
Brian Weatherford
Douglas Pierce
Heidi Costello