Wright State University Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration

Dayton, Ohio
Pioneers of the Future

Over a decade ago, Wright State University knew that neuroscience was a growing presence on campus, and called for a space as dedicated as its researchers and students. They wanted to convey an accurate representation of the synergy between neuroscience and engineering, and provide all the advanced amenities to support the unlimited potential of these powerful disciplines. To symbolize the University’s commitment to research, we worked closely with the researchers to create a facility designed specifically for their needs.

Our integrative approach captures the main goal of the research center. It creates new opportunities for multidisciplinary research by bringing together scientists and engineers in a partnership that is very unique to the facility. The space promises to encourage pioneering research and medical breakthroughs by housing a collective brainpower that will one day break new ground in healthcare and defense.

sustainable exterior fins

Colorful vertical fins on the exterior wall not only deliver a signature look, but serve as a shading device that reduces direct glare and heat gain into the laboratories. The design is energy efficient, using chilled beams to reduce air change rates to decrease energy usage. Labs, offices, and open teaming spaces all have access to natural daylight to provide an inviting, airy work space.

“There is no single department taking over a wing of the building or a floor of the building; it’s highly integrated. It’s not just the faculty interacting, it’s the students and the other people in the building. We have a terrific opportunity here to develop a new sense of community on campus.”

Robert Fyffe, Ph.D., Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies at Wright State University

Electricity, gas, and data are delivered through quick-connect plugs in the ceilings to moveable workbenches for easy layout configuration.
This building fosters the university’s brightest students working together to create solutions that improve people’s lives.
collaboration space
Our design generated multiple areas within that encourage faculty and student interaction. These spaces are located at the heart of the building and are celebrated as productivity centers and idea exchanges.
“It’s a one-of-a-kind facility. It’s about being bold in the community.”

David R. Hopkins, President of Wright State University

Creating a Signature Design

This project exudes character and energy efficient strategies to break the mold, and create a synergistic approach to interdisciplinary work.

Project Team

Ed Cordes
Jason Chan
Jerry Johnson