Jennifer Christiaansen

Associate Principal, Operations Director, Minneapolis

Growing up in a family of artists, educators, healers and engineers, all with a love of culture, people and context, Jennifer is in many ways a product of her heritage.

Living in several culturally distinct places in her formative years, including Chicago, New York State, Ireland, London, Rome, and Minneapolis, Jennifer discovered the nuances of place, richness of history, and diversity of people that solidified her love and talent for architecture.

It was through this constant moving that she felt empowered to take risks and try new things, which she now shares with her teams. Her curiosity, ability to connect the dots between people and processes, and unpack complex issues to come up with better solutions make her the exceptional Director of Operations she is today, while her value for diverse thought and interest in individuals make her the cultural leader she has become in our studio and our industry.

"Architects can have the tendency to put their heads down and create alone. Our best work comes from the balance between this and recognizing the value in the many diverse voices around us that will inevitably, make our ideas better."
Confidential Global Software Firm, Regional Office
Fargo, North Dakota
Confidential Consulting Client
Confidential Global Management Consulting Group, Regional Office
Minneapolis, Minnesota
With a strong commitment to making the world a more just and equitable place, Jennifer was awarded the AIA Minnesota Young Architect Award in 2020.

Jennifer's Featured Work

Global Management Consulting Firm Minneapolis Office
Global Management Consulting Group Regional Office
Minneapolis, Minnesota