Viacom Multi-floor Buildout

New York, New York
The Culture of Entertainment

When you get the chance to partner with Viacom, a leading global entertainment firm, you know it will be an exciting project. Viacom’s mission is to “…create entertainment experiences that drive conversation and culture.” And they took this principle and applied it to their employee’s workspaces with creative collaboration at the core. Our workplace design team jumped right in drawing influences from iconic NYC loft spaces and worked with Viacom’s design standards to create a space that celebrated their brands as well as embraced the exterior views offered at 1515 Broadway.

Lounge-inspired break-out areas continue the residential loft feel. The spaces provide seating options to support multiple types of collaboration giving variety and choice to the community within. Neon wayfinding adds an entertaining pop of color supporting Viacom’s branding and welcomes guests and employees to an elegant pantry designed to encourage creative collisions throughout the day. The design evokes a lifestyle of creativity which allows the layering-on of multiple brand expressions for the diverse groups that support various Viacom brands.

What makes it cool

Pops of color and brand expression at every turn inspires constant creativity and embraces the celebrated culture within.

Bringing the outside in: Openwork areas and clear glass office fronts give ample access to the nearly 360-degree views of the city and large amounts of daylight through the day.
Worldly Illustrations

Exposed high ceilings connected to varied black and white wall illustrations add to the loft quality of the space utilizing the architectural offerings of the building. The illustrations represent major cities around the world and are related to distraction banding that can be found throughout the space. What makes it even cooler is the walled illustrations on the core are writable surfaces inviting people to interact and brainstorm – especially on Floors 23 and 24 which is home to Global Marketing.

New York City Inspiration

The first two floors drew inspiration from a SOHO-style loft when structures built at the turn of the century supporting manufacturing were converted into living and working spaces. The third floor references a Flatiron district style loft where Gilded Age skyscrapers have been converted to modern day co-working and media workspaces. Open work stations with low partitions connect colleagues and provide a sense of privacy and place.

Neon wayfinding adds a pop of color, supporting Viacom’s branding, and welcoming users to an elegant pantry designed to encourage creative collisions.

Project Team

Jennifer Graham
John Sadlon