Julie Wienberg

Principal, Aviation Practice Leader, Transportation, Denver

Julie envisions the future of air travel as one that is seamless, efficient, and sustainable. She finds inspiration in designing spaces that facilitate authentic connections between people and the places they visit. As an accomplished aviation architect with more than 25 years of experience, Julie has been involved in the planning and design of some of the nation’s most prominent airports, fostering long-term client relationships and leading strong teams. She thrives on the collective synergy and spirit of innovation that arises from those teams.

Julie recognizes the crucial role aviation plays in addressing global warming—and believes decarbonization is one of the industry’s greatest opportunities. Her goal is to champion sustainability, technology, and safety to deliver exceptional travel experiences while working toward a greener future.

Hailing from a progressive farming community in Concordia, Missouri, Julie grew up under the flight path of Whiteman Airforce Base. The military aircrafts above and around her ignited her curiosity and set her on a lifelong journey into the world of aviation. Fascinated with flight, over the years she built a global network of friends in the aviation industry—people who share her passion for air travel. Today, she is fortunate that many of those friends ended up in key design, construction, or management roles in aviation. Whether she is soaring through the skies or exploring new horizons, her love for aviation is not only a career, but an exhilarating way of life.

“A great team is exponentially greater than the collective talent of the individuals. I’ve seen significant advancements made in design thinking and airport planning based on the synergy and friendly competition that grows out of a team that is passionate about their work."

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