Kevin Mereness

Associate Principal, Dallas

Growing up in a West Texas farming community, Kevin quickly learned how hard work and commitment to honest ethics can lead to excellent results.

This ideology has become an influential cornerstone of the work he contributes to project teams. Kevin’s approach to design is an explorative process that is engaging, communicative, and intentional. He believes that a collaborative process can always lead to the discovery of exciting possibilities.

Kevin has called Dallas home for almost 20 years, being married here and starting a family. He loves traveling internationally: Greece, Thailand, and Italy all being favorite past adventures. Through these trips, learning about people, architecture, and different cuisines have all played an influential part of shaping his worldview.

“I believe that our work should tell a compelling story, to elevate the human spirit.”
Kevin is a strong leader in the Dallas studio, and frequently collaborates with other designers to share his expertise.
Fun Fact

His favorite adventures have been Italy, Thailand, and Greece; all of where he has taken a cooking class to learn skills that can be used at home.

Kevin's Featured Work

Exterior dusk shot
Baylor Scott & White Sports Therapy and Research at The Star
Frisco, Texas
Collin College Technical Campus
Allen, Texas