Collin College Technical Campus

Allen, Texas
Broadening Opportunity

Situated in the fastest growing county in North Texas, Collin College recognized the need to provide strong technical education, trade, and workforce training to the community. The college also sought to offer more continuing education opportunities for corporate training and workforce partnerships.

To accomplish this mission, Collin College embarked on the design and construction of a Technical Center (CCTC) campus in Allen, Texas. Working in close collaboration with the school, we designed a multipurpose building that houses classrooms, science labs, early college and high school programs, student services, learning commons, dining, collaboration zones, conference center, and a wide array of trades and technical spaces. The result: A future-ready campus that provides its students and faculty with the tools and spaces they need for advanced technical education.

What Makes it Cool
The new campus is a microcosm of society and is designed to serve people of various ages, skill levels, interests, and backgrounds.

Collin College has teamed up with with Allen ISD and other surrounding school districts to provide the highest level of dual credit offerings for local high school students in the area. The new facility is expected to serve up to 7,000 students and will be a model for trades and technical career instruction in the industry.

The new building is equipped to handle a wide array of trades education including construction, HVAC, metals lab, automotive repair, drone technology, robotics, and allied health.
Embedding Color

By incorporating several colors – blue, yellow, green, and orange – the building helps to create collaboration nodes along the academic corridor. The colors emphasizes the connection with the different trades while aiding with wayfinding.


Keeping in mind that most enrolled students work full-time jobs before attending rigorous classes that could include four-to-six-hour labs, it was critical that the buildings meet their needs. Each building allows daylight to permeate the interior, with additional diffused daylighting techniques throughout. Also, courtyards support the social life of the college and create opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration. A place of respite, shade and campus social space, the courtyards provide a thread of connectedness throughout the campus.

Project Team

Vandana Nayak
Ron Stelmarski
Kevin Mereness
Stephen Coulston
Dan Eikenberry