Koleman Uresti

Principal, Managing Director, Austin

Even at a young age, Koleman has always enjoyed understanding how design and layout affect the function and use of any given space. He was inspired by the idea that if you first think about how the space will be used, then you can subsequently design around the user needs; which is now one of the things he focuses on closely with his clients.

Koleman believes that communication and collaboration with his clients and staff is at the heart of every successful project. Koleman manages and leads all internal and external teams from the design process through the construction phases while promoting high levels of organization and maintaining focus on the big picture goals of his clients. He enjoys being a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars while also building trust with stakeholders and the community.

Koleman lives in Leander, TX with his wife, two children, and three pets and enjoys being outdoors with his family (hiking and camping) in his spare time.

Project Mantra
“Never underestimate the power of communication. Open, honest communication—both internally with staff, and externally with our clients—is the key to designing projects that serve all users.”

Koleman Uresti

Koleman and his family enjoy spending time outdoors in their free time.
Koleman's wife, Staci, and two kids, Myka and Cade, on a hike in Central Texas.

Koleman's Featured Work

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Rodriguez Elementary School
San Marcos, Texas
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Manor Senior High School
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