Our Austin Studio

Austin, Texas
The Story of Color

Featuring a blend of Austin’s urban identity and the new branding of Perkins&Will, the space is experienced through a series of intimate vignettes connected through the story of color.

Fresh off the heels of our firm’s global re-brand, the design of the 15,000-square-foot Austin studio reflects the firm’s new visual identity—including its core values—while celebrating Austin’s unique character. Warm and welcoming, the workspace reflects the firm’s commitment to human-centered design with a distinctly Austin setting.

Upon arrival, visitors take in 21 colors and 16 textures, some of which are alive.
The new office reflects a modern yet inclusive aesthetic that aids in both placemaking and storytelling

Inspired by the spontaneity of Austin’s street art scene, the office’s columns feature bright pops of Perkins&Will brand colors as a representation of the unified practices and diverse cultures that set the studio apart from its contemporaries. These stripes also help define work zones into vignettes that are outfitted with furniture pieces informed by the color combinations on each column.

Color accents are kept low to the ground, such as on the legs of furniture, providing bursts of design inspiration while maintaining a neutral base palette for visualizing design projects in progress.
Our space is experienced through a sequence of fresh color vignettes punctuated by each column.
Each column indicates the color story of each vignette and hints at the next...

Locally sourced materials help define the space and connect it to its locale, and the design prioritizes access to daylight. Designed to be LEED Gold certified, sustainable healthy building materials, recycling, composting, optimized energy performance, water reductions, and daylighting throughout the space make our studio a healthy and environmentally responsible space to work.

Designed to earn Fitwel certification, the open-plan workplace features a high walk-ability score, outdoor courtyard space, active workstations, and a wellness room. The studio is equipped with flexible walls, free-standing conference rooms, movable technology, a high tech model workshop with 3D printers, and a materials library. This adaptability ensures design teams can meet evolving client needs. Spaces were further defined through semi- or fully transparent dividers such as glass-fronted huddle rooms, breeze block partitions, and chain mail curtains that added to the minimalist and raw aesthetic of the space.

"Your office is beautiful! It is fresh, inventive, and filled with joyous unexpected elements."

Manuel Cadrecha, Global Design Principal

We're learning quickly that a little healthy competition feeds our overall well-being.
And we continue to find vantage points that tell our story...

Project Team

Matt Taylor
Joe Gowing
Koleman Uresti
Angela Whitaker-Williams
Stephen Coulston
Lina Murillo