entry lobby

Manor Senior High School

Manor, Texas
A First-Of-Its-Kind Career and Tech School

Focused on launching students’ futures and accelerating career growth, Manor Senior High School wished to emphasize and remind students of their bright trajectory. As the first-of-its-kind school in central Texas, it features an expansive College and Career Center in the primary entry. Students have access to a multitude of program options including architecture, education, health science, law enforcement, animation, culinary arts, cosmetology, and more. Built exclusively for juniors and seniors, these programs allow students to graduate with not only a diploma, but also professional certifications and career training in support of students’ transitions beyond high school.

The design of the career and tech programs are differentiated with flexible student collaborative areas to encourage and support project-based learning and hands-on experiences. Unique elements of the building include a makerspace with technology, books, a 3-D printer, and a student-run coffee bar.

What makes it cool
First-of-its-kind Career & Technical Senior High School in Central Texas.

Manor’s Career and Tech Senior High School was built to accommodate rapid growth at Manor ISD, while maintaining the feel of a one high school district.

manor lobby
The main entry to the three-story building has a comfortable lounge area for students to relax and recharge.
The planning for Manor Senior High revolved around a centralized College and Career Center where all academic elements connect.
cafeteria with students
Split Decision.

The decision to split Manor High School into two campuses, the existing junior and the new senior, accommodates the rapid growth of the district’s population, but prevents competitive rivalries that often occur with two, four-year high schools in the same district.

“Perkins&Will was extremely helpful in guiding us through the programming and schematic design process. They arranged tours of existing schools to help enlighten our stakeholders to the options that a Senior High School presents.”

James Bartosh, Former COO, Manor ISD

exterior of CTE academic building
The planning for the CTE programs are positioned around a new Educational Outdoor Lab adjacent to an existing water retention pond.
The design of the CTE programs are differentiated with architectural “boxes” representing flexible student collaborative areas.
cosmetology classroom
CTE programs include cosmetology, architecture, engineering, health science, law enforcement, AV production, culinary arts, and more.
These programs provide support to juniors and seniors as they transition beyond high school.
makerspace lab
Adjacent to the main stairs is a makerspace, technology center, and student-run coffee bar.
This area offers a place of respite for students in between classes, before and after school.

Project Team

Angela Whitaker-Williams
Koleman Uresti