Micah Lipscomb

Senior Associate
Landscape Architecture, Atlanta

Micah Lipscomb brings a holistic approach to the way he designs landscapes. Growing up on a farm in rural Georgia, he has an intimate relationship with the natural world stemming from a childhood spent roaming the woods close to home. He found landscape design to be the intersection of this innate appreciation for nature as well as a drive to connect people through creativity.  

His designs for public places demonstrate that the unpredictability of nature does not have to be an obstacle, but an asset. In Gainesville, Florida, Micah chose to elevate a common problem—rainwater and runoff—from a destructive element of the street to a public amenity: by realigning the existing gutter system, stormwater finds street side grasses and trees first, not sewers. He also envisioned a better future for the Beltline in Atlanta, a long strip of abandoned and polluted industrial land, that through planting and repaving has been transformed into a vibrant pedestrian green space. 

Micah’s landscapes are timeless and rooted in an appreciation for the environment. His work brings people closer to nature, but also closer to each other. 

Atlanta BeltLine
The Beltline
Atlanta, Georgia

Micah’s expertise in the primary materials of landscape; soil, water, and plants, sets his practice apart. He’s a certified arborist focusing on urban forestry, working to design spaces where trees can thrive for years to come, and how other plants and objects will coexist with these gentle giants. 


In his free time, Micah loves to hike, garden, and build things with his son. He uses his woodworking skills to create impressive at-home DIY projects with his own family. Most recently, he designed and built a treehouse for his 8-year old son in their backyard.  

“To be timeless sometimes means to be quiet. I don’t design for trends or to be flashy. I design for connections between people and nature.”

Micah Lipscomb

Micah 的精选作品

佛罗里达大学 – 第九街街景
盖恩斯维尔 (佛罗里达州)