Nicole Sheffield

Associate Principal, Corporate Interiors, Atlanta

Nicole’s passion for design manifested itself at an early age through her interest in art and her curiosity in exploring how different spaces can influence people.

Nicole began her career with Perkins&Will as an interior design intern, and after graduation, she joined Perkins&Will as a full-time employee based on her proven work ethic and establishing herself as a valuable team member. Throughout her career, Nicole has built an impressive portfolio consisting of diverse project experience encompassing multiple market sectors, but eventually found her calling with a focus on corporate workplace.

As the Director of Corporate Interiors for the Atlanta studio, Nicole brings her detail seeking eyes and deep breadth of knowledge to every project—treating each opportunity with a holistic approach. When working on complex spaces, her specialty lies in orchestrating the best team to create exceptional design solutions that enhance the corporate environment.

Nicole believes that forming trusting relationships with the client and extending that trust to all members of the project team, is what leads to a project’s success.  Her collaborative leadership style is to listen and engage in activities that clearly help define the goals of the project early in the design process.  One size does not fit all.  Crafting a unique work experience to provide each client with the optimum work environment to meet their specific needs is what inspires Nicole and the Corporate Interiors team daily.

Nicole lives in Cumming, Georgia with her family and enjoys spending her free time in the mountains, practicing portrait photography, and volunteering at church.

Photo of Nicole and her family.
With a passion for portrait photography, Nicole finds her inspiration from those she loves most: her family.
Newell Brands Global Headquarters Relocation, Hoboken, New Jersey
Fun Fact About Nicole

With nearly 20 years of experience in the design industry, Nicole’s vast knowledge includes Healthcare, Science+Technology, Education, and Corporate Interiors.  She discovered her passion when she began focusing on Corporate Interiors nearly a decade ago.  Two of her first corporate projects included The Weather Channel and longstanding client, Newell Brands.  Nicole takes pride in the trust and admiration she and the Corporate Interiors team have built over the years by servicing and partnering with some of the most notable, collaborative, and innovative corporate clients at a local and global level.

Newell Brands Office Relocation Atlanta, Georgia
Newell Brands Design Center, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Looking to transform their business plan and business model, then Newell Rubbermaid, chose to create an inspiring work environment that embodies the spirit of design.
Confidential Consulting Firm, Atlanta, Georgia
Different work styles are recognized by creating meeting spaces that support varying technology and media along with a focus on diverse work settings. This new workplace has become an innovative environment where ground-breaking and creative ideas are built.
The Weather Channel
Multiple locations: Atlanta, GA; San Francisco, CA; Chicago, IL; New York, NY
Newell Brands Global Headquarters Relocation, Hoboken, New Jersey
Fostering creativity and process was the design challenge presented for this particular floor of a larger whole. The team delivered by providing spaces that allow for greater collaboration, flexibility and that embrace the idea of an on-going and ever evolving process.

Nicole 's Featured Work

Newell Brands, Design Center
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Newell Brands Global Headquarters Relocation
Hoboken, New Jersey