Newell Brands Global Headquarters Relocation

Hoboken, New Jersey
New Brand, New Home

Prismacolor, Sharpie, Rubbermaid, Coleman—all brands dedicated to enriching people’s lives. Yet in 2018, it was their parent company that needed a fresh start.

Newell Brands, the consumer goods giant, was going through a merger and required an office space that would both reflect their new brand and unify employees as a single team. And fast. Design-to-completion was slated for just under 15 months.

The team wanted to be empowered to be more productive. And spaces had to allow for greater collaboration and mobility, which meant each floor had to reflect the needs of the various departments. Within these tailored spaces, there was another goal: To tell the story of the brands.

By using the products as design elements, a bit of whimsy was added to the floor-to-ceiling storytelling. The idea was so well-received, offices across the country requested the design elements for their own spaces.

Newell Brands's new headquarters is located on the Hudson River overlooking sweeping views from middle to lower Manhattan.
“Partnering with Perkins&Will continues to inspire me. The marriage of interior and exterior design was one of our most important design principles and the Perkins&Will team was flawless in their execution.”

Calvin Lower, Sr. Manager, Property & Construction, Newell Brands

Design Excellence

A young woman, hands on her hips, looks up at a sky of undulating blue. She takes in the world and seems satisfied with what she sees—her future.

It could be an art installation anywhere in the world. But the image is in a Hoboken conference room. At first glance, it looks like a pointillism mural. But upon closer inspection, you’ll see 26,000 strategically mapped Prismacolor colored pencils.


More than 56,000 pencils create a three-dimensional pointillist artwork in the Prismacolor Room.

Project Team

Keith Curtis
Nicole Sheffield