Paula McEvoy

FAIA, LEED Fellow, LEED Faculty
Associate Principal, Atlanta

When Paula joined our firm, the idea of creating sustainable buildings with healthy materials was not common practice. It was not until she was working on the design of a labor and delivery ward that the question of creating such spaces came to mind. Motivated to create spaces that were not only functional, but great for the end users and the environment, Paula set out to change the status quo, quickly becoming a leader in the firm’s sustainability practice.

Paula and her husband live in Atlanta, Georgia. When not exploring the neighborhood’s newest restaurants, you are likely to find her traveling the globe; trying new foods and experiences along the way.

Paula and her husband enjoy the views of Midtown Atlanta from Interface's green roof terrace.
The green roof acts as a water collection system for the building - eventually connecting to the water cistern in the garage.
“I know someone is going to be sitting in the space that I help create, and I want it to be a space that they love.”
Deep Green Experience
As the lead sustainability designer for our Atlanta Studio, Paula guided the design of the building systems.
Our Atlanta Studio / 1315 Peachtree Street
The project was awarded LEED Platinum, making it the highest LEED certification for any new construction building in the Northern Hemisphere.
Fun Fact about Paula
Paula has a knack for genealogy and tracing her family’s lineage. Though she has a large family, no one could quite crack the code of her family history beyond her grandparents. That is, until Paula took a stab at it.

Paula's Featured Work

Interface Headquarters
Atlanta, Georgia
Our Atlanta Studio
Atlanta, Georgia
Bowie State University Center for Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Nursing
Bowie, Maryland
National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility
Manhattan, Kansas