Interface Headquarters

Interface Headquarters

Atlanta, Georgia
Nature's Way of Working

Known to Interface employees as “Base Camp,” their new headquarters represents the company’s “Factory as a Forest” philosophy. When companies take their cues from natural ecosystems, Interface believes, they can create holistically healthy, positive, and productive workplaces that benefit those who use them.

We designed everything about the new headquarters with this philosophy in mind—from its iconic exterior sheath depicting Piedmont Forest to its green roof terrace; from its high energy efficiency to its rainwater collection and filtration system; and from its light-filled, open floor plan and indoor walking path to its meditation and wellness rooms. Today, this one-of-a-kind, contemporary workplace—formerly a 1960s office building—is an urban oasis for employee well-being.

Interface Headquarters
Base Camp: Interface, Inc.'s New Home
Known to Interface employees as "Base Camp," the new Headquarters is a dramatic reimagining of a 1960s office building.
Interface Headquarters
A Bold Statement
The most striking feature of Interface's new headquarters is its skin: 307 panels of glass wrapped in a semi-transparent, recyclable polyester sheath on which a life-size forest is depicted.
"Every day we get to see how [our employees, global associates, and customers] are better able to connect, collaborate, and discover design inspiration."

– Chip DeGrace, VP Workplace Applications at Interface


Nature never ceases to inspire and rejuvenate. That’s why the notion of biophilia, the concept that suggests humans have a primal need for nature, rings so true for us. Applying this design principle, we divided the new space into three “ecologies”: the Cave, the Forest, and the Bluff.

The Cave serves as a parking garage, welcome area for visitors, and home to 15,000 cisterns of rainwater storage. The Forest is 3 floors of flexible work space for both collaboration and private time. The Bluff, part penthouse and part green roof terrace, is a place for downtime amid city views.

A Welcome Respite in Midtown Atlanta
The "Bluff" is one of three biophilically-inspired ecologies, and a favorite gathering place and workspace of Interface staff.
Interface Headquarters
A Customer-Ready Experience
As the world’s leading modular flooring company for commercial and residential environments, Interface wanted to be certain that every square foot of its new headquarters would be “customer-ready.” That meant the prominent use of Interface products throughout the space.
Interface Headquarters
Work the Way You Want
Interface encourages employees to use the whole building as their office, in whatever ways make them most successful—from researching at a sit-stand desk to convening in a conference room to brainstorming on the roof deck.

Project Team

Paula McEvoy
Bruce McEvoy
Keith Curtis
Joseph T. Connell