Our Atlanta Studio

Atlanta, Georgia
Raising the Bar on Sustainable Design

When we decided to relocate our Atlanta studio in 2009, we knew we had an unprecedented opportunity to shape the future of our industry. At a time when sustainability had only just started to gain its foothold in architecture, we set out to achieve the extraordinary—to set a whole new standard on high-performance, healthy, environmentally responsible design.

We chose a 1980s office building in the heart of midtown, right across from the High Museum of Art, as our future home. Our plan was to adapt it for reuse as one of the most sustainable buildings in the nation. The results were off the charts: the retrofitted building not only earned LEED Platinum certification; it also scored the most LEED points of any project in the Northern Hemisphere.

A brick-and-mortar embodiment of our values, our home at 1315 Peachtree continues to stand as a beacon of sustainability—a promise of what’s possible when ingenuity, passion, and creativity combine.

Environmental Leadership

We knew the best way to achieve a positive environmental impact was to select an existing building, retain as much of its structure as possible, and then upgrade and optimize its windows, HVAC, lighting, and plumbing. This allowed us to design 1315 Peachtree to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 60 percent, meeting the 2030 Challenge.

Additionally, we diverted 80 percent (60 tons) of demolition and construction waste from landfills by donating existing building materials to more than 20 local nonprofits.

The building rooftop collects rainwater, which is then stored in a 10,000-gallon cistern before being filtered and treated on site. The water is used for all landscape irrigation and for restroom flushing.
Various spaces accommodate many work styles, including group brainstorming, heads-down work, informal gatherings, design charrettes, and more formal conferences.
Fun Fact
Our studio's close proximity to public transit, in addition to its on-site bicycle parking and dedicated showers for our pedaling commuters, ensure sustainable transportation options.
A Living Lab

Did you know? 1315 Peachtree was the site of a year-long research study that measured the physical and mental health benefits off adjustable workstations, also known as sit-stand desks.  The study found that sit-stand desks may be beneficial in reducing sedentary behavior and supporting health outside the workplace.

"There are a number of projects that claim to be a living laboratory, but this is a true living laboratory. It exposes its use in very positive ways...."

—2012 AIA COTE Top Ten Juror

Shared amenities are frequently used, allowing for greater collaboration throughout the studio.
“As Mayor of the city, I am proud that Atlanta is home to the highest LEED score of any building in the Northern Hemisphere at this time.”

—Hon. Kasim Reed, Mayor of Atlanta from 2010 to 2018

Project Team

Bruce McEvoy
Manuel Cadrecha
Paula McEvoy
Leo Alvarez
Peter Busby
Zan Stewart
Katie Janson